Donnerstag, 16.05.2024

Streiks bei privaten Bus-Unternehmen in Hessen ab Freitag


Daniel Armin
Daniel Armin
Daniel Armin ist ein vielseitiger Redakteur, der mit seiner Neugier und seinem Interesse an verschiedensten Themen immer wieder neue Blickwinkel eröffnet.

Private Bus companies in Hessen are facing a strike starting this Friday, leading to disruptions in public transportation. The strike affects bus companies in various cities in Hessen, including Frankfurt, Fulda, Gießen, and others.

Reasons for the Strike: The strike is due to interrupted wage negotiations. Verdi, the labor union, is demanding a wage increase and better working conditions for approximately 6,000 employees.

Impact on Commuters: Commuters in major cities will be affected by the disruptions in public transportation. The strike has caused disruptions in the past, and upcoming strike dates are set for May 17, 21, and 22.

Verdi’s Demands and LHO’s Response: Negotiations between Verdi and the employer association LHO have failed, leading to the upcoming strike.

This ongoing wage dispute reflects the difficult working conditions faced by bus employees in Hessen. The situation highlights the challenges in reaching an agreement between the unions and employers.


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